N/mm2 to psi Conversion with Calculator

Here, we introduce the N/mm2 to psi conversion tool that you can use for free.

N/mm2 to psi Converter

psi to N/mm2 Converter

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The use of this converter is very simple.

  • You just need to select the direction in which you want to make the conversion. Such as N/mm2 to psi or psi to N/mm2.
  •  And enter the number that you want to convert to the other unit.
  •  Click on the ‘Calculate!’ button to make the calculation. You will see the result in the result section.
  •  Also, you can click on the “Reset” button to make the calculation again. You need to enter the new values.

As you see above, this is very simple to use this calculator.

How to Make N/mm2 to psi Conversion?

N/mm2 to psi

This is the unit that we are generally using in the engineering calculation. It gives the total force on an area as the Newton per millimeter square. When we are making stress and strain calculations in mechanical engineering, we can use the N/mm2 unit.

But sometimes, we need to make the same calculations in English units. And also they are using the psi to define the pressure on the stress calculations. So, most scientists and engineers are dealing with conversion between these values. And we prepared a converter that you can easily calculate them.

The conversion between these values is very basic;

  • If you want to calculate the psi equivalent of an N/mm2, you need to multiply it with the 145.03773772954 value to find it.
  •  And also, if you want to find the N/mm2 equivalent of the N/mm2, you need to divide the psi by that value.

Last Words on N/mm2 to Psi Conversion

These are the general points that we can explain about this conversion. If you have additional questions about this topic, please leave them below!

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Is N/mm2 equal to Psi?

No, it is not. The N/mm2 is a pressure value in the SI units. And Psi is the common pressure unit in the US customary units. So, they are not equal units. You need to make a conversion between them by using a converter like the above.

What is 1 MPa equal to in Psi?

1 MPa means 1 mega pascal. Or 1 million pascals. If we convert this value to the Psi units, we find 145.038 psi.

Is it a same as N/mm2? 

The unit of the Pascal is N/m. And mm2 is the millionth of a meter square. And if we think that the MPa is the million times of Pascal, we can say that they have the same units.

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