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Most people are searching for a conversion tool between lbs to bar. But it is generally not applicable. You can not make a direct conversion between these units. Because lbs is a unit of mass and bar is a unit of pressure. They are not the same units. You can make the conversion between psi(pounds per inch) to bar in general. So, you can use this conversion tool to make it.

psi to Bar Converter

Bar to psi Converter

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The use of this conversion tool is very simple. You just need to psi value inside the bracket and click on the “Calculate” button. And you can see the result of the bar. If you want to make another calculation, you can click on the “Reset” button and re-enter the value and make the calculation.

How to Make Lbs to Bar Conversion?

lbs to psi.

As we stated above, making this conversion directly is impossible. Because the lb or pound is a unit of mass in English units. And the bar is the unit of pressure in Metric or SI units. There is no any kind of possibility making the conversion between these units in general.

So, you need to have an “apple to apple” to make these conversions in general. So, we need to use a pressure unit if we want to convert it into a bar.

And the most used conversion is generally between the psi to bar. Psi is the pounds for inches which most people are using as a pressure unit.

  • If you want to make a pressure conversion from psi to bar, you need to multiply the psi value by 0.068948. And if you want to convert the bar to psi, you need to divide the bar pressure value by 0.068948. The calculator above simply makes it.

What is Psi?

Psi is a pressure unit that shows how many pounds a unit of inches square gets from a weight. The general unit is lbs/in2. In general, we are using this unit in engineering and physics calculations. And also you can hear it from the tire pressure applications.

What is Bar?

The bar is also a very common pressure unit in the SI units or metric unit system. 1 bar pressure is equal to 100.000 Pa which equals 100 kPa. The unit of the pascal is N/m2. So, on most occasions, we need to make a conversiıon between these units.

Conclusion on Lbs to Bar Conversion

These are the general points that we can state about the pressure conversion calculations between lbs to bar. So, you understand the general meaning of it.

If you have additional comments and questions about the lbs to bar conversion, please leave them below.

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