My Car Shakes When I Brake – Different Causes

In mechanical applications such as cars and vehicles, shaking is by no means a good thing in general. There are lots of people who are reporting the problem that the vehicle shakes when they apply the brakes. In general they do not know the general causes of them and you can find an exact answer to the general causes and the general precautions that you can take. If you are saying that my car shakes when I brake, you are at the right place.

Why does your car shake when you brake?

My Car Shakes When I Brake
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Once you apply break of your car and if your car shakes there can be different kinds of causes of that problem. And generally, we need to state that the solutions to these problems are not easy which you can solve in the DIY solutions.

To understand the problem well you need to know the working principle of the brake system of your car.

It consist of different kinds of parts such as brake rotors break starters and hydraulic systems. Suppress your brake pedal the hydraulic fluid inside the master cylinder will be directed to the brake pads. This hydraulic force that is created by the hydraulic fluid with the master cylinder is applied to the brake pad. The brake pads are pushed against the brake status with the help of calipers. And friction between the brake stators and brake pads creates the braking effect to decelerate the vehicle.

So there are important parts that came in contact with themselves when you apply the brakes. This means you need to apply the brakes appropriately. After understanding the working principle of the brake system of your car or the different vehicles we can proceed with why your car shakes when you apply brakes.

Un-aligned brake rotors

Brake rotors are the systems that are attached to the axle of your vehicle. Axle rotates the brake rotors also rotate. But if the brake rotors are missed aligned according to the axle of your vehicle, the contact between the brake rotors and the brake starters will be not in good condition.

The watch or connection between the brake pads or brake starters and rotors will be not in a continuous way. This is incontinuous contact between the brake rotors and break starters because the online brake rotors can cause a shaking effect on your car.

And I need the brake rotors is not easy you just need to bring your car to a car service or brake service that the experts must take a look at the alignment of the brake systems. Able to use special tools and spatial skills to deal with the problem.

The alignment of the brake rotors generally can cost $100 to $200. The model and the brand of your vehicle have a very important effect on it.

Worn-out brake pads

If the brake pads are worn out in long usage, it can create different sounds, noises, and shaking effects once you apply the brake. Call the surface of the brake pads are got in a very bad way. The surface is not continuous and it will create a shaking effect on your car.

You just need to make regular maintenance of the brake system of your car, and the experts will know that in which time you need to change the brake pads. Won’t stay change your brake pads, the problem generally will be solved. And also, the alignment of the brake pads is very important and you cannot do it on your own.

Changing brake pads generally cost between $50 to $250, and this range changes according to the model of the vehicle.

Problems with the brake calipers

A brake system is a mechanical system that is activated by the hydraulic force that comes from the master cylinder once you press the brake pedal of your car. The brake pads are attached to the brake calipers, and if there is a problem with the brake calipers, the braking effect will not be in a good way.

The common problem with the brake calipers is the sticking calipers. In this problem, the calipers are stuck once you apply the brake, and once you depress the brake pedal, the calipers will not take the previous position, and the braking application will go on. This can create vibrations and other forms of shakes and also noises.

Another symptom that you can feel is the unresponsive brake pedals. This means once you apply the brake pedal, the braking of the car and deceleration of the car will take place, but because of the calipers sticking, the brake pedal will not work anymore.

Problems with tire balancing

As understand that most of the shaking problems when you apply the brakes are generally caused by the unbalanced tire systems, axles, or brake rotors. And if the balancing of your tires is not good or if your tires are not in a good condition, the balancing will be a common problem for your car.

And this will affect the brake system. The brake system will not work properly, and which means you can feel vibrations and sounds that come from your brake system once you apply the brake pedal.

Problems with bearings and suspension systems

The suspension system of your car is responsible for dampening the vibrations and the accelerations that come from the terrain or road. So if the suspension system of your car does not work dismiss, your car cannot be able to dampen the vibrations and shakes.

Your brake system can work properly, but there can be problems with the suspension system once you apply your brake. Once you apply the brake, some vibrations and shakings can be produced by the system. It is a normal thing.

If the suspension system cannot dampen the vibrations and shakes that come from the brake system, you will feel all the vibrations. So it is very important to take your car to a mechanic to check your suspension systems.

The axle systems of your car are generally attached to the ball bearings. These ball bearing systems generally carry all the load and make it possible to rotate the rims, wheels, and axles. So if there is a problem with the bearings, shakes and unusual sounds will come from your wheels. So these sounds, shakes, and vibrations also originate from the bearings that are not in good condition.


As you understand, there can be different kinds of possible causes of the car shaking once the driver applies the brakes. And these problems are generally treated by professionals in a professional manner, and it will be possible to run your car without any shakes or problems.

Also, lots of people are asking the question of if you drive your car in this condition. The brake system is a very important safety system that you need to be careful of. So we do not recommend you to drive your car with this problem.

If you have problems and questions about “My car shaking when I apply brakes,” you can leave them below without any hesitation.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and questions about the car shaking problem while applying brakes.

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