Muffler Delete Pipe – Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

Muffler deleting is a very common application between automobile tuners. They are deleting the muffler systems from their exhaust systems to get different advantages. Here, we will talk about the muffler delete pipe systems that they are using in the muffler deleting.

What is Muffler Delete Pipe?

muffler delete pipe

It is a pipe that we are using in place of the muffler systems. Once we delete the muffler from our cars, we are using the muffler delete pipes. These pipes directly give a way to exhaust gases.

What to Attach a Muffler Delete Pipe?

There are several reasons that people are attaching these systems to their cars. The first reason is, they want to increase the level of sound in their cars. So, the exhaust sound will be more satisfying.

The main purpose of the mufflers, they are decreasing the level of sound because of the exhaust airflow. And deleting it with an ordinary pipe provides a very good exhaust sound. Some of the drivers found them very attractive and satisfying.

The other reason to replace the muffler with these systems, the mufflers require extra HP from the engine. Because mufflers are restricting the airflow to make a lower sound. And much more engine power is required to push the airflow through the muffler. So, we can think of as mufflers the obstacles on the airflow.

So, if we delete the muffler with a delete pipe, there is no obstacle to the exhaust airflow. And we gain several horsepowers because of it.

These are the main reasons why people and tuners are changing the muffler with pipes in their cars.

Legal Issues?

According to the states and different countries, there are different regulations about car sounds. There are strict dB limitations for cars. But in most cases, when you delete the muffler with a muffler delete pipe, your car will not exceed this maximum limit.

How Much Does Muffler Delete Pipe Cost?

The general part costs of the muffler delete pipes are generally around $100 to $250 according to the brand and model of your car. And also, you need to take your car to a mechanic to change the muffler with a muffler delete pipe. So, you will probably pay around $100-150 for this operation. In general, the total cost of the change will be around $300.

Muffler delete pipes are generally special for the car brand and model. Because their exhaust structures change and they need special inlet and outlet sizes and lengths of muffler delete pipes. You need to be sure that you bought the correct one.


These are the general points that you need to know about the muffler delete pipe systems in general. They are very useful and have different kinds of advantages.

If you have additional questions and comments about these systems, you can leave them below.

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