Hot Stamping Foil – What is It?

In industry and daily basis, we are using different kinds of coating applications and materials. They are very different sizes and different in colors. And they provide various kinds of performances such as a protective layer or only decorative means. One of these coating methods is hot stamping foil. Here we explain it and its general uses.

What is Hot Stamping Foil?

hot stamping foil

Hot stamping foil is a thin sheet film that we use for coating different kinds of objects. We generally use them in decorative applications. And their applications are so common.

In a typical material, there are 3 different layers;

  • The first layer of these foils is the waste carrier layer. This layer is the protective layer of the decorative and color layer from external influence.
  •  The color layer is the second layer that includes the pigments and applications of the different kinds of pigments and metallic colors.
  •  The last layer is the adhesive layer, when we apply pressure and temperature, it melts and sticks to the surface that we apply.

Hot Stamping Foil Machines

We generally apply this foil with these machines. They are the machines that we apply the different designs and decorative applications on the different objects.

These are the machines that we adjust the design of them on the copper or steel metal. And we adjust the temperature of the stamping machine to apply it with automatic or manual pressure. So, we obtain the stamped shapes on different materials.

These are the general temperature ranges to apply;

  • Wood and Paper: Adjust the temperature of the stamp between 280-350 degrees Celsius.
  •  PVC: 100-120 degrees Celsius.
  •  Leather: 130-160 degrees Celsius.
  •  Hard plastic: 80-120 degrees.
  •  Synthetic leather: 160-180 degrees.

Prices of Hot Stamping Foil Machine

There are different sellers of hot stamping foil machines in general. Also, you can find them on The avergae maschine is around $160-170. And also you can buy the hot stamping foils from $16-17 per roll.

Applications that We Use Hot Stamping Foil

There are different kinds of applications that we are using them.

Business Cards

This is a very common application that we are using the coatings. In general, the service providers get build orders to stamp the different foils om business card applications.

Food Packaging

Food packaging is very common. These foils are very important systems that we use in different applications.

Book Covers

Also, the use of these applications on book covers is very common. To protect the book cover, we use this method for a protective measurement.

Last Words on Hot Stamping Foil

There are different kinds of sellers of machines and foils available on the internet and market. And building them is very simple and the application is very simple. If you are thinking about building a business to make hot stamping applications, you can think about it.

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