Glue Bottle – How to Select a Proper One? How to Use?

Here we talk about glue bottle applications that we use in various kinds of applications such as woodworking. They may seem very basic systems but you need to consider several things about these applications while you select and using. Here you can find the most detailed information about these systems. 

What is Glue Bottle? 

glue bottle.

As you understand from the name that the glue bottle is a special bottle application that you can store and apply glue on different surfaces. The main difference between the general glue bottle from other applications, there is a tip or nozzle that provides the adhesive to the surface in a controlled manner. 

There are generally different materials available for glue bottle systems. The majority of the bottles are generally made from plastic. But some systems are made from glass material. 

The advantage of plastic is, you can squeeze the plastic to make the glue flow through the nozzle. But in glass, you can not do this thing. The gravity allows it to flow on the surface through the nozzle. 

If you are using a high-viscosity system, we recommend you use a plastic bottle. Because the gravitational force will not be enough to dip from a narrow nozzle. You can use a glass bottle for very low-viscosity adhesives such as Japanese glue. 

What are the Types of Glue Bottle? 

  • Squeeze bottles: They are the most common type of bottles that are available in the market. There is a small nozzle that the glue comes from. You need to squeeze the bottle to dispense the glue from this bottle. 
  • Trigger spray systems: Different kinds of systems have a trigger system that you can easily push and apply the glue on the surface. They are very common in the areas such as automotive and carpentry applications. 
  • Brush applicator bottles: Also there are systems that there is a brush attached to the end of the bottle. When you squeeze or dispense the adhesive through this bottle, you can easily apply it with the attached brush on the nozzle. Applying glue on large areas is very useful with these systems. 
  • Roll-on bottles: There is a ball system at the age of the bottle. And you can roll this ball to apply the glue on the surface of the workpiece. 
  • Syringe dispenser: In these systems, there is an injector mechanism that you can easily apply the glue on the surface. So, it is generally very useful for different kinds of applications where the very precise application of the glue is required in general. 
  • Cartridge dispenser: Also there are cartridge applications that you easily dispense the liquid on the surface with a glue cartridge. 

There are different types of these applications that youı need to consider in different cases. you can choose the best one according to the application and type of glue. 

As you see above there are different kinds of glue bottle applications that you can easily apply glue in specific systems. 


Glue use in carpentry.
Glue use in carpentry. Image Source:

There are different applications that we use these different glue bottle applications. 

  • Art and craft: If you are an artist that you create art objects from different materials, you are probably using one of these types that we stated above. 
  • Carpentry: Also the use of these bottles is very common to glue the different wooden parts in woodworking. Especially the brush systems are generally used by experts. 
  • Automotive: In the assembly of engines, transmission, and other mechanical parts the use of adhesives is generally very common. So in automotive applications, people are using them in general. 
  • Construction: Also the use of them is very common to glue drywall, tile, and other important indoor building materials. Also, outdoor roofing, the use of them is very common for roofing. 
  • Repairments: We are using them for household repair applications. They are very useful to fix the ceramic, plastic, and metal parts that we need to fix in houses. 
  • Fashion and textile: In the attachment of rhinestones, beads, and other ornaments on the fabric. 

How to Select a Glue Bottle? 

Glue bottle use in automotive.
Glue bottle use in automotive. Image Source:

We have different kinds of ideas about glue bottle applications that you can use. But also you need to consider these points while you are selecting; 

  • Type of glue: The type of glue that you are using is very important to select the dispensing methods that we explained above. For example for high-viscosity fluids such as epoxies, you need to use a brush applicator. Also, you can use a squeeze bottle for thinner fluids. 
  • Volume: Also the volume of the glue bottle is a very important thing that you need to consider. If you are dealing with small projects such as DIY applications, the smaller packages and bottles will be sufficient for you. But also, if you are dealing with complex projects or looking for a bottle for a complex system such as industrial applications, you need to look for a bigger system. 
  • Precision: At which precision level that you need to apply the glue? There are special glue bottles that you can easily apply glue on surfaces at a very high degree of precision. 
  • Safety: If the type of glue that you are using is a dangerous chemical such as a firing hazard or poisonous hazard, you need to select a proper bottle that has a secure cap. This will save the people who are using these caps. 
  • Reusability: Can you reuse the bottle again and again in different projects? Is cleaning easy? You need to be sure about these points about these applications. 
  • Material: Also consider the material according to the type of glue that you use. Because, if a glue application is affected by sunlight, you need to select an opaque application. But also, you need to choose a glue bottle application that will not react with the glue inside it. Because of that, some systems are made from glass. 

As you see above, the type of glue affects the parameters heavily. You need to consider these parameters correctly according to the type of adhesive that you are using in your projects.

Important Tips to Consider About Glue Bottle Applications 

While you are using the glue bottle systems, there are important considerations that you need to make. 

  • When you are not using the bottle, you need to be sure that the cap is securely closed. Because you probably do not want to glue inside the bottle to get dry. If it gets dry, both glue and bottle will be wasted. 
  • If the glue inside the bottle sits for a long time, it will be better to shake the bottle before using it. 
  • Once you finished using the bottle, wipe the nozzle and close the bottle cap tightly. If the excess glue gets dry on the bottle cap, you will probably have a problem with your bottle. 
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions for the glue or adhesive that you’re using and use the adhesive properly according to the instructions. 


As you see above the glue bottle applications may seem very basic systems. But there are important things that you need to consider about them before buying and using them. So you know all the aspects of glue bottles. 

If you have additional comments and questions about these applications, please leave them below. 

FAQ About Glue Bottle Systems 

How do you use glue bottles? 

The use of glue bottles is very simple. But according to the type of bottle, the use changes. First, of all, you need to open the cap of the bottle. And touch the nozzle of the bottle to the surface that you need to apply adhesive. Squeeze the bottle to dispense the glue inside it. After the process, wipe the nozzle of the bottle and close the cap tightly. 

How do you refill a glue bottle? 

You can easily refill a glue bottle with the help of a syringe or funnel through the nozzle. Take the glue to the syringe and fill the bottle. And repeat it until the bottle fills. Also, you can attach a funnel to the nozzle, and spill the glue through this funnel to fill the bottle. 

What are glue bottles made of? 

They are generally made from plastic and glass. Plastic applications are generally the most common systems. But if the adhesive reacts with the plastic, you can use a glass container. 

Why does glue not get hard in the bottle? 

The hardening of glue is a chemical process. And to complete this chemical process, glue need an open atmosphere for oxygen. And in the bottle, there is not enough air to harden the material. So if you open the cap and leave it like this, the glue will harden. 

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