Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor – Explanation and Costs

In modern cars, there are different kinds of sensors that engineers are using to see the different kinds of parameters. ECU systems of modern cars are adjusting the working of the engine according to inputs of these different sensors. The exhaust back pressure sensor is one of these sensors that most diesel engine cars are using today. You can find satisfying information about the exhaust back pressure sensor that your car has. And what are the replacement costs of these sensors in general?

What is Exhaust Back Pressure?

To understand what the exhaust back pressure sensor, we need to understand what is the exhaust back pressure. Exhaust back pressure is the required pressure to throw the exhaust gases from the tailpipe.

If we think in terms of fluid mechanics, we need to have a pressure difference for the flow of the fluids. We need to create a higher pressure if we want to make the flow of the fluid to the lower pressure place. So, we need to have a higher pressure for the exhaust gases than the atmospheric pressure, for the successfully throw them from the tailpipe.

So, we need to be sure that the pressure of the exhaust gases must be higher than the atmospheric pressure.

But in general, the newly burned gases are very high in pressureç Their level of pressure is sufficient to flow through the exhaust pipe. But in diesel engines, we are not directly throwing the exhaust gases right after the burning. We are using these high-pressure and temperature exhaust gases to produce much more energy.

So, the exhaust gases are passing through turbochargers and combustion chambers seven times. We call this system EGR or exhaust gas recirculation system. And also one system that the exhaust gases are passing through is the DPF or diesel particulate filter. The exhaust gases are passing through these filters before entering o the cylinders again.

Because of these components, the pressure of the exhaust gases is dropping. And throwing these gases through the tailpipe becomes harder. Very low pressure can cause the engine to stall.

The Use of the Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

So the importance of the exhaust back pressure sensor emerges here. This sensor measures the exhaust gas pressure right before the DPF and after the DPF. And sends this information to the ECU of the car. If the exhaust pressure is lower than the intended, the ECU system increases the rev of the engine to increase the pressure of the exhaust gas.

This is the main purpose of the exhaust back pressure sensor that we have in different cars in general.

General Problems

The most common problem that you can have with the exhaust back pressure sensor, it can stop working. You can feel this problem with engine stalls in general. Because the ECU system can not take the signal from the exhaust gases. And the exhaust gases will be very low in pressure and the engine can not expel the exhaust gases.

Another problem that you can feel is the DPF clogs. With time, the DPF will clog with the filth from the exhaust gases. With the accumulating filth and grime, it will start to decrease the pressure of the exhaust gas in a very bad way. So, the pressure of the exhaust gases will decrease profoundly. And the engine will consume a lot more fuel to increase the pressure of the exhaust gases.

So, you need to clean the DPF regularly if you do not want to have this problem with the DPF system that you have.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor?

It changes according to the brand and model of the car that you are dealing with. You can check the example below.

KEJSTED Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

KEJSTED Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor

  • Compatible with Ford Powerstroke 6L
  • Replaces with 1850353C1 1850353 1850353C2 F7TZ-9J460-AA SU2380 2134517 4C3Z-9J460-A 1C3Z-9J460-A product numbers.

This is an example exhaust back pressure sensor for Ford Powerstroke 6.0L 7.3L V8 Diesel 1997-2003 engines.

The replacement of the exhaust back pressure sensor can be burdensome if you are not experienced with car mechanics. It will be better to take your car and the sensor to make them easy to install for you.

But in general, the replacement is not hard. You can check the video below to get an insight into how to replace it. You can decide whether you can do it or not.

The labor cost is between $20-30 in general. So, you need to pay around $50 for the total replacement of the exhaust back pressure sensor.

Be Sure About the OEM Specifications

Your car probably uses a specific brand of exhaust back pressure sensors. And because of this, you need to first check the OEM part prices. And you can make comparisons between the OEM and aftermarket parts to decide which one you want to buy.


These are the general points about the exhaust back pressure sensor in your car. It can be a very basic part of your car mechanic system but it has a very important place. The performance of your engine directly depends on this sensor.

If you have additional comments and questions about these parts leave them below.

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