Electric Fireplace for Apartment – Find the Best with This Guide

Hello everyone, here you can find the best advice and the most complete guide to buying the best electric fireplace for an apartment. First of all, you will read a very complete guide about selecting a proper electric fireplace. You should check the general parameters to be sure about what you need for your place. And also, check the advantages and disadvantages to assess if you need one of them or not. 

How to Select an Electric Fireplace for Apartment? 

There are different important things that you need to consider about electric fireplace applications. And if you make these considerations and parameters well, you will be able to select the best application for yourself. 

  • Power: Power is a very important thing that you need to consider. Because there is a direct relation between the power and the heating capacity of the electric fireplace. With the increasing power of the fireplaces, the heatişng capacity increases. There are electric fireplace applications ranging from 750W to 10000W. What you need to know is that the 750W-1500W applications are generally sufficient for rooms that are up to 400 ft2. And you can make the relationship like this. For example, if you need to heat a space that is 1200 ft2, it will be best to buy an electric fireplace that has 2250W to 4500W power. 
  • Control: The control of the fireplace is very important for the economy and environmental conditions. In general, fireplaces are working with a thermostat application. Once a specific amount of temperature is reached inside the room, the machine shuts itself down. 
  • Weight: In general electric fireplace applications are movable systems that you can easily move between different rooms. So, weight is a very important parameter that we need to consider. The heavier applications are generally more immobile. So, if you want to move these applications effectively, you need to choose lightweight applications. 
  • Ease of use: The ease of use feature is very important for fireplace applications. You need to be sure that the system is very easy to use. And most people can use them directly. 
  • Voltage: Also you need to be sure about if the fireplace application is compatible with the grid voltage that your country or state has. In general, the voltages in the US are 120-140V and in the EU 230-240V. And if you buy a system that works with US voltage will not work properly with the EU grid voltage. 
  • Safety: Also you need to be sure about the safety of these systems. They are very using very high powers and accidental situations can be problematic with them. So, check the general security standardizations that they are offering in terms of heat and electricity. 
  • Price: Price is a very important thing that you need to consider. You need to have a budget and select an application according to your budget. According to the products that we listed below, you can easily adjust your budget. 
  • Aesthetics: the electric fireplace for apartments is generally desired for the additional aesthetics that they are providing as an electric heater. In general, standard electrical heaters are not aesthetic applications. But the fire illustrations o these electrical heaters make them very desirable. 
  • Additional features: Also you can have additional features from the electric fireplace for apartment applications. For example, some models have a remote control that you can easily control with a remote control. In addition to that, there are applications that t-there is a Wi-Fi connection feature. And you can control these electric fireplaces with a smartphone application. 
  • Model: Also there are fixed and free-standing and wall-mounted models. Wall-mounted models are static models and free-standing fireplaces are generally mobile applications. You can change the place o the free-standing applications. 

Advantages of Electric Fireplaces 

There are very different advantages of the electric fireplace for an apartment. And you can choose to use them because of these advantages. Around these advantages; 

  • The installation of these systems is much easier than the gas or wood applications. You just need to plug the cord into the electricity to work them. The gas systems need gas installation and the wooden systems need extra chimney systems. So the electric applications are the most basic applications that you can choose. 
  • You do not need extra expert support to start effectively using this electrical heater. For example, you need lots of maintenance and inspections for gas applications. 
  • If you are living in a rented apartment and if you want to create a fireplace aesthetic in your home, you can choose these applications. Because for gas and wood applications, you need to make big changes in the installation and chimney systems of the home. And in general, landlords do not want this kind of thing. 
  • Furthermore, transportation is a very important advantage for them. You can not move gas or wooden fireplaces to other rooms. But you can easily move the electric fireplace for an apartment. So, you do not need to worry about heating all the rooms. 
  • Unlike the other normal electric heaters, the electric fireplace applications provide the aesthetics of wood fireplaces to your apartment. In general, these applications have illustrations and realistic fire animations that give the same vibe as the fireplaces. You can create a very good interior design with these applications. These applications create their flame effect with water vapor that has an orange tint. In general gel, fuel is used to fuel the fire effect that you want. 
  • The energy bill will reduce. Because electrical heating systems are the most effective and efficient way to get the house heated that the other applications. So the energy bill will reduce if you use electric fireplace applications. 
  • Also, the heating of the room is very important. You can have two separate rooms with electric fireplaces. Moving them is very easy, especially the free-standing models. 
  • They are safe applications. The glass of the fireplace will not be very hot to the touch. And there will be no accidents because of burning. 
  • If you are environmentally friendly, you will have zero emissions with electric heaters. And you reduce the carbon footprint that you have. 
  • Unlike the wood and coal fireplace applications, electric ones will not emit carbon monoxide which is very dangerous for human health. 
  • You can easily place other objects on the sides of the electric fireplace. Because they will not get fire because of the heat. This feature makes them very useful for interior design ideas. 
  • You do not need to spend extra effort to fire the fireplace. For example, you need to prepare the wood and place them in the fireplace. And you need to properly ignite it. But for electrical applications, you do not need to bother yourself with these kinds of things. Opening them is very easy by touching a knob or button. 


There are also important disadvantages to consider about an electric fireplace for an apartment. 

  • They can not give the same vibe as the original wood fireplaces that you’re seeking in your apartment. 
  • In terms o heating capacity, they are completely the same as electric heaters. You can find much better electric heaters which are more efficient. 
  • If we compare the prices of electric fireplaces to normal electric heaters, they are generally higher in price because of the added aesthetics. 

So with consideration of these important points, you can select the best electric fireplace application for yourself. 

Best Electric Fireplaces for an Apartment 

By considering all these important parameters, you can select the best electric fireplaces for your apartment. 

FLAME&SHADE Electric Fireplace Stove

Electric Fireplaces for an Apartment 

This is the first fireplace that we can recommend to you. It is a very small and portable application that you can use in small rooms and offices. 

  • The frame and the burnişng logs effects with create a very good environment in your room.  
  • The freestanding application makes it possible to heat a 400 ft2 room without any problem. 
  • Also, it is very low noise. The 1500W fan-assisted fireplace makes it possible to heat the environment without any problem. 
  • Furthermore, the thermal shut-off property makes it very easy to shut off. 
  • You can find different sizes from the same seller. 
– Portable 
– High-quality material.
– Best for offices and small rooms. 
– Goof aesthetics. 
– Can not be used in big rooms. 

TURBRO Suburbs TS17Q Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove 

TURBRO Suburbs TS17Q Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove 

You can also consider this electric fireplace for your apartment. Like the fireplace above, it is 1500 W total power making it very useful for small rooms. 

  • The flames and the aesthetics are very realistic. 
  • Also, the infrared heater is 1500W which you can use in your 400ft2 room without any problem. 
  • It is very easy to adjust the temperature without any problem. 
  • Total weight is 10 lbs. Also, the freestanding design makes it easily moved. 
  • The noise level is lower than 42 dB. 
– Controllable flame. 
– Easy to use. 
– Safe to touch. 
– Not useful for bigger places. 

Electric Fireplace With Mantel TV Stand

Electric Fireplace With Mantel TV Stand

We need to state that this electric fireplace for an apartment is not for people who are looking for cheap solutions. The design will add a very important level of beauty to your home. You can easily combine the engravings with the environment without any problem. 

  • The engineered wood, tempered glass, and wood make it very classy for high-end interior design applications. 
  • The realistic red flame will provide the vibe that you are looking for from an electric fireplace application. So, you can have a very good interior design without dealing with wood fireplaces. 
  • The wattage is 1500W so you can heat a small room without any problem. 
– Very generic design. 
– High-end classy application. 
– Very expensive. 

Last Words on Electric Fireplace for an Apartment 

We tried to give all the important information to select the best fireplace application for your apartment. 

If you have additional questions about the fireplaces, please leave them below. You can continue to find the best application through this link;

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Can you have an electric fireplace in an apartment? 

Yes, you can have a fireplace without any problem in your apartment. And they will be very classy and easy to use for different applications. 

Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity? 

The electric consumption of an electric fireplace for an apartment consumes like an average electric space heater. So you do not need to worry about electricity consumption. 

Do electric fireplaces heat the room? 

Yes, for small rooms the use of the 750W to 1500W electric fireplaces can be very useful. And also you can easily find the information above on the heating capacities of fireplaces for rooms. 

Is it OK to put a TV above an electric fireplace? 

Yes, there will be no kinds of problems. You can easily place it on the electric fireplace. Because most electric fireplaces do not hot to prevent touch on them. 

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