Copper Fabric Guide – Uses and Information

Here we will introduce you to a very interesting product that is sold in different kinds of markets. It is copper fabric. We use these applications to block RFID/RF, EMF, and EMI protection. Here you can find detailed information about these applications and their general products that are sold in the market.

What is Copper Fabric?

As we stated in the introduction, we use copper fabric applications in the EMF, EMI, and other electromagnetic waves. Among the waves, these are the general types;

  • ED
  • Radiation
  • Radiowave
  • Microwave

So they are very useful systems. And these are the general systems that use these applications;

  • Bags, Curtains, and Tents: To make tents, curtains, and systems that we need to protect from the microwave or other electromagnetic waves, we use them to make them.
  • Security Systems: Also in security systems, we use these applications to save the systems from electromagnetic waves. They are highly effective to save sensible systems.
  • Military Applications: In the different military applications and electronic systems, we require electromagnetic wave-free systems. So the use of copper fabric applications is very common in the military.
  • Wireless Meter Shielding: This one is another application that we are using these applications.
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS Prevention: In some applications, we need to block all the electromagnetic waves that come from Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS applications. And generally, we use these applications for it.
  • Data Theft Prevention: Some of the transactions are secured with these applications. So, there is no electromagnetic wave that will prevent the data theft problem.

Product Examples

Copper fabric systems are completely buyable systems. You can find different sellers of copper fabrics that you can easily order.

 39"x43" Copper Fabric

 39″x43″ Copper Fabric

  • Average Attenuation of 85-95 dB from 30MHz-18GHz.
  • Copper+polyester material.

This is a copper fabric product example that you can easily find on the internet. This high-quality fabric application provides all the technical requirements of electromagnetic wave prevention.

You can find different sizes and rolls of them such as 50 meters and 100 meters for different kinds of applications.

Also, the general working temperature of this fabric is -4 to 85 degree Celsius.


This is the general information about copper fabric applications. If you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below.

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