Castrol CVT Fluid – Review of Transmission Fluid

In our transmission systems, we need to use special fluids and oils to enhance the performance of the transmission systems. One of these fluids is the Castrol CVT transmission fluid that we are using in our transmissions. Here you can find summary information about the Castrol CVT fluid and its features and prices.

Castrol CVT Transmission Fluid

Castrol CVT fluid.

A typical transmission system both automatic and manual have complex sites of gears that meshed with each other. They are rotating at a very high speed and transfer very high power and torque. So, this system must work effectively to give the performance that we need from them.

The first feature that we expect from a transmission fluid, it must provide very good lubrication to the transmission system. So, they will be very useful for different kinds of applications in general. The performance of the lubrication will affect the general performance of the transmission system.

And the other feature that we expect is, they must provide very good effective cooling to the transmission. There is a transmission cooling system in vehicles that the fluid circulates through the transmission system of your car. And the heat retention of the fluid here is very important for effective cooling.

By knowing this important information, let’s take a look at the Castrol CVT transmission fluid benefits;

  • The friction durability characteristic of this fluid is superior. It provides very smooth working to the transmission gear system.
  • The temperature protection properties of this fluid are also very good. So, you will not face transmission temperature problems with your car.
  • Oxidation can also be a problem for the transmission system. And it provides very good oxidation prevention that you need from a system.
  • This product also provides very good protection against the copper corrosion problem. If you have this problem with your transmission, you can consider this fluid.
  • You can easily apply it to a broad range of vehicle models without any problem. From the official website, you can find the list of the general vehicles to that you can apply this transmission fluid.

You can find 1 gal. of Castrol CVT fluid from around $40 from different sellers.


This is the general information about the Castrol CVT fluid that you can use for your manual and automatic transmission cars. If you have additional comments and questions about these applications, please leave them below.

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