1950 Chevrolet Models – Deluxe and 3100 Pickup Truck

When it comes to classic cars, most people are curious about their general features. And also 1950 Chevrolet cars are a very important representer of that era in the automotive industry. The 3100 pickup truck and Chevrolet Deluxe are the most common models of Chevrolet in these years. Here we will take a look at the general features of these cars.

Why 1950 Chevrolet Cars are Legendary?

There are different reasons for it. Chevrolet is one of the best car brands that made very extensive designs in these years. From all over the world, we can see the use of Chevrolet classical cars in movies and series. And this made them very common and legendary in the people’s minds. Also lots of people are searching for 1950 Chevrolet cars. And you can find detailed information here if you want to buy one of them. You can make different kinds of considerations easily.

1950 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Truck

1950 Chevrolet 3100
Image Source: Flickr.

This is a pickup truck that was very common and legendary in the United States. Lots of landowners and the farmer had these trucks. Some of them are dead and some of them are saved even today. To live in these times again, people are searching for the Chevrolet 3100 pickup truck which is in a good condition. And also it is possible that you can find these pickup trucks that are in very good condition in general.

Engine Features 

The engine of this legendary pickup truck is Thriftmaster in-line 6-cylinder engine. The most important problem with this engine was the knock-out depressions on the intake manifold. And the only solution for this problem was the replacement and attachment of the new manifold. These days engine technology is not developed in general. And finding a classical 3100 with an original engine with the original parts is not an easy thing today. Most of them are replaced in general.

The 3.5-liter engine provides only 90 hp which is comparatively low if we compare it with the engines today. This is generally about the engine technology in the 1950s. So, replacement of the old engine with new one will be much more sensible for today. Also, there can be problematic issues with the exhaust emissions and the regulations for the oşd engines. Also, the torque is around 176 ft. lbs which are comparatively low if we compare it with the other kinds of modern SUV vehicles.

If you want to buy a 1950 Chevrolet 3100 pickup truck for your love of classic cars, you are at the right way. But, if you thinking about using these cars for rough terrains and SUV purposes, we do not recommend doing that.


Also, the chassis of these classic cars are for more improved by you. There are a few things that you need to do if you want to improve the general characteristics of that car. And the total weight of this car is 1168 kg which is a lightweight design if we compare it with the newer SUVs and terrain vehicles in general.

This 1950 Chevrolet pickup is manufactured for around 1.5 million which is a very high yield. Because of this, you can find various kinds of applications available in the market which are working even today.


For these ages, the transmission was not bad. The 3 forward and 1 rear transmission make them very attractive to use in the terrain. Because you can easily decrease the shift to 1 if you want t drive it on terrains. This was a very huge luxury these days.

But today, it will be very very profitable to replace the old transmission with newer applications to meet today’s traffic regulations in general. There are very good transmission selections that you can consider for the 1950 Chevrolet classical cars.

Unlike the other SUV and terrain vehicles, this vehicle has only 3 seats and 2 doors which is not useful for a family. This is a classical car and most terrain vehicles are manufactured in that way.

So as you can understand, using these classical cars for the same purpose for 70 years is not a good idea for you. But it is a very legendary classical car that you can consider.

1950 Chevrolet Deluxe

Image Source: Flickr.

This one is another legendary 1950 Chevrolet car that you can find as a classical car in the market. They are very legendary because the exterior design is very good-looking.

Originally, the Chevrolet Deluxe is manufactured between 1949 to 1954. So, this is one of the most common cars in the United States around the 1950s.

Engine Specs

If we take a look at the general engine specs of this 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe, it has a 3.5L inline 6 engine. And also the power is around 90 hp which is very low if we compare it with modern engines. So, we can easily understand that Chevrolet used the same engine configurations for these two models in general.

Also, the torque is around 176 ft. lbs which is nearly the same as the 1950 Chevrolet 3100 truck. So, if you want to drive this classical car, a replacemenet of the engine with a modern solution will be very useful for you.


And also if we take a look at the general specs of the transmission, it has 2 automatic power glides and 3 manual systems. This is a very high technology if we think about 1950s cars, but today, it will not provide the performance that you are looking for in general cars.

Replacement of the transmission with modern solutions will be also very useful for you.

And also, if we check the total production numbers of the Chevrolet Deluxe these days, it was generally around 1.25 million. And also this is another very high yield that makes Chevrolet very good profits. Because of that, this 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe become very common and legendary among the people.

There are 6 seats and 4 doors that will be very good for in-city family use. If you are looking for a retrofitted design, it will be very useful for you. And also there is a 2-door coupe and 2-door cabriolet versions manufactured and sold.

The weight of this car is also around 1406 kg which is heavier than the 3100 pickups that we explained above.

This 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe is sold in Australia, India, and New Zealand along with the United States.

What are the Prices of 1950 Chevrolet Today?

Also if we take a look at the market, we can say something about the general prices. If we take a look at the prices in

Prices of 1950 Chevrolet 3100, we will see that the range is between $40.000 and $95.000. And also there are different models with auction prices that you can give offers.

As we stated above, they are generally heavily modified both externally and internally. And they are available for normal traffic. But also different models save their originality for their exterior.

What about the Prices of the 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe?

In general, if we take a look at the same website( for the Chevrolet Deluxe, the prices are generally lower than the 3100. You can even find $18.000. But prices can be up to $42.000 on that website.

And also they are heavily modified in general. And they are available for general traffic. Also there are lots of Deluxe cars that are open to auction and you can give the offer to buy them.

Conclusion on 1950 Chevrolet Cars

We took a general look at the 1950 Chevrolet cars which are Deluxe and 3100 trucks. And we explain the general technical specs and the market situation today. We hope it was helpful to you.

If you have additional comments and questions about the 1950 Chevrolet cars, you can leave them below.

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