Sharpshooter shovel Guide – Uses, Advantages and Choosing

In gardening applications, we are using different shovels and digging equipment to deal with different tasks. Here we introduce the sharpshooter shovel that is very useful for different applications. And you will not have any questions in mind. 

What is Sharpshooter Shovel? 

sharpshooter shovel

People also know them as the tile spades that have narrow shovel blade that makes it possible to dig very narrow areas. And in most of the teh plantations, the use of sharpshooter shovels is very common.

What are the Benefits of Sharpshooter Shovel? 

There are different advantages that these blade shapes provide in specific operations. 

  • In densely crowded plantations, the use of these shovels is very common. You can easily take the plant bulbs and root balls without harming them and the surrounding plants in teh crowded plantations. 
  • The longer blade provides much more leverage that makes it easy to use to remove the soil. You can apply much more torque to obtain deeper excavations. 
  • Also, they will not damage the roots of the surrounding plantations thanks to the narrow blade structure. You can use it if you have a small garden or densely planted area. 

General Applications of Them 

There are different kinds of applications the sharpshooter shovels are very useful in general. 

  • You can easily plant small trees and shrubs in the narrow sections of your garden without damaging the roots of the surrounding plantations. 
  • The shape of the blades is ideal to remove the bulbs from the pots gently without harming the bulb and scatter the soil from the pot. 
  • If you have perennials in your garden, they are very useful for dividing them into groups. 
  • If you are planting very small and dense plants, the use of this shovel can be very helpful to dig the narrow and deep sections of teh soil. 
  • Without disturbing the general structure of the soil, you can create small holes to plant seeds. 

So, in planting applications of small bulbs and seeds, they are generally very useful. 

Consider These Points While You are Buying Sharpshooter Shovels 

If you consider these points while you are selecting a shovel, it will be very easy to choose the best one for you. 

  • Material: In general sharpshooter, shovel blades are manufactured from stainless steel or carbon steel. Stainless steel ones are generally higher in price but they are very useful in heavy-duty applications and they are corrosion resistant. Carbon steel is a cheaper selection. But rusting can be a problem. 
  • Shape: There are generally two types of blade shapes that are available. Square blades are much more strong than pointed shapes. And you can take much more soil with a square shape. But for the deep and narrow digging, the pointed design will be much more useful for such applications. 
  • Handle material: In general, there are different handle materials such as wood, fiberglass, and steel. Teh wooden handles are cheaper and lower in weight. But with the preceding time, they tend to break and crack. Also fiberglass material is very useful and lightweight. But they will not provide the required higher strength for heavy duty applications. Steel material will provide the heavy duty application but in cold weather, holding the steel can be problematic. So, according to your situation, I choose the best one for you. 
  • Size: The size of the sharpshooter shovel applications is also very important. The length of the handle and the size of the blade is very important. Select the proper length according to yourself. And choose the proper sizes of teh blades according to the plantation that you will use. 

General Prices 

It is very hard to say the exact price of teh sharpshooter shovel applications. The material, size, and quality make the price differ. But from the lowest quality to the highest quality the prices of the sharpshooter shovel applications can be between $15-$100. And if you want to buy an average application, you can find between $25-$60. 

Alternative Tools to Sharpshooter Shovels 

A bulb planter.
A bulb planter.

Also, you can consider the alternative tools that are available in teh market. To develop the garden or plantation you have, you can consider buying these applications also. 

A garden fork.
A garden fork.
  • Bulb planter: These are teh systems that you can directly inject the bulb system inside the soil. There are two handles and you directly insert the bulb inside the soil. And if you open the handles, the bulb will automatically insert inside the soil.
  • Garden fork: Especially for dividing small plants and bulbs and perennials, you can use a garden fork instead of sharpshooter shovels. 
  • Trowel: We can say that trowels are the smaller sharpshooter shovels. You can use them for the smallest plantations or pots. 
  • Standard garden shovels: You know that standard sizes shovels have generally wider blade sizes. And if you are dealing with a wider and denser area, you can use them. But we do not recommend using them for densely planted areas. You will probably hurt the roots of the other plants and other bulbs. 
A trowel.
A trowel.

Using Sharpshooter Shovel 

The use of the sharpshooter shovel is very simple. 

  • First of all, specify the point that you need to dig with the sharpshooter shovel. 
  • Place the pointed end of the shovel to that point and apply pğressure with the handle to dig the soil.
  • Make the soil get loose with the needle and remove the soil. 
  • Place the bulb in the dug soil.
  • And cover that place again on teh bulb with the shovel. 

Conclusion about Sharpshooter Shovel 

These are the general points that we can state about the sharpshooter shovel. They are very useful for specific tasks in gardens and plantations. Always consider the parameters that we stated above and check the prices from multiple sources. 

And you can consider alternative tools in your garden instead of these shovels. 

If you have additional questions about these gardening tools, please leave them below. 

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