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Chain Connectors – Different Types

There is a wide variety of chain systems available in machines and mechanical systems. We are using these systems in power transmission and load-carrying applications. So, we are using chain connectors to connect different chain systems. Here, we will talk about the general important features of the chain connector systems that are available in the market. And you can find information about how to select a good one for your applications.

What are Chain Connectors?

Chain connectors

As you understand from its name, the chain connector systems are connecting different chains. And we can extend the chain system for different applications. So, they are very useful and important applications in general.

There are different sizes and kinds of chain connector systems available.

Types of Chain Connectors

In the market, you can find these kinds of chain connectors that are available for different applications.

Chain Links

Chain links are the systems in which we can attach the chains to extend them with other ones. There is a very simple mechanism that you can open and close by rotating. By opening the nail, you can easily attach the different chain applications.

These applications are not generally for lifting applications. We generally use them to connect the cables to the other systems in structures.

Also, there are hooks and chain links that you can use for listing applications.

Chain Shackles

They are also very common to chain link applications. The structure is somewhat different. There is a basic shaft that connects the two edges of a U-shaped steel part. You can remove this shaft that is connected with a screw system or a pin system. And by removing this shaft, you can easily attach the different chains.

They are very useful in heavy-duty lifting applications. For example, we are using these systems to lift the different parts and sizes of the parts that are connected to a chain system.

Also, other shackle systems are not suitable for lifting applications. You can use them for the connection of the different chains.

Slide Bolt Snap Applications

For chain and rope attachments, we can use the slide-bolt snap applications. They have a very simple nail mechanism. You can open this nail and attach the chain or rope. And on the other side, there is the same mechanism. So, they are very useful for connecting ropes and chains.


Carabiners are also very basic applications that there is a pin that you can easily rotate and attach the different kinds of chains and ropes to the system.

Bead Chain Connectors

For small and daily applications, the use of bead chains is very common. We are using the bead chain applications occasionally for connecting different hand tooşls.

The bead chain connectors are very important for the connection of the beads. They are very small systems that you can easily connect the bead from the section at the side of the middle.

They are very simple mechanisms that are not generally for lifting very heavy materials. And also, you can find different models and sizes of bead chain connectors that are available in the market. For example on, you can find bead chain connectors.

Roller Chain Connectors

Also, the use of roller chain connectors is very common in mechanical applications. They are very useful and we can obtain the same structure over long distances whatever we want. You just need to attach the chains with their connectors to obtain long structures of chains.

In motorcycles, bicycles and other mechanical applications, we are using roller chain connectors. But you need to be sure about the sizes of the roller types are matches your systems.

Materials and Coatings of Chain Connectors

There are different kinds of materials are available for the chain connector systems.

  • Carbon Steel: This is a very common and high-strength material that we are using in structural applications.
  •  Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a special steel that includes Chromium content. If you are looking for chain connectors for load-carrying applications, this will be the most useful material.
  •  Black-Oxide: This is also a very important coating that prevents dry corrosion on the chain connector applications.
  •  Galvanized: Galvanized chain connectors are very suitable for underwater and corrosive environments. Because they have very good corrosion resistance.

Also, the load-carrying capacity of the chain connectors is a very important parameter. While you are selecting a system, you need to consider the load-carrying capacity and its size of them. Because some of the chain connectors are not suitable for load-carrying applications.

Last Words

These are the general points that we can state about the chain connectors. If you have additional comments and questions about these systems, please leave them below!

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