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In different kinds of applications, we are using platform lifter systems to elevate the different objects. Here you Can find the most comprehensive information about the platform lifter applications that we use in different applications. And you will be able to select a proper system for you. 

What is Platform Lifter and What are the Types? 

A platform lifter is an automatic system that lifts weights and objects to specific elevations. They are generally powered with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic systems. 

Electrical platform lifter.
Image Source: Bodine Electric Company.

There are different types of platform lifter applications available in the market. 

  • Scissor lift tables: In different warehaıouses, factories, and garages, they are the most common platform lifter systems in general. There is a scissor mechanism that a table is attached to it. When the scissor mechanism is activated by a hydraulic or pneumatic system, the platform lowers or elevates. 
  • Aerial work platform: In different maintenance applications in construction or bigger plants, the use of aerial work platforms is very common. They are elevating the systems to a specific elevation and making it possible to be used by workers or operators. 
  • Dock levelers: These are the hydraulic systems that elevate the loads. to the level of the trailers. We generally use these systems to load and unload goods from the trailer. 
  • Car lifts: In-car inspection stations, body shops, and other auto repair shops, the use of these hydraulic applications are very common. They are lifting the cars with these lifters and inspect the car from the bottom side. 
  • Elevating work platforms: They are the systems that are elevating or lowering the workers on the platform to apply for a specific job. For example, the use of work platforms is very common in construction applications. 

Applications that We Use 

There are also different applications that we use for the platform lifter systems. They are generally very common in different kinds of applications. General applications are; 

  • Construction: In construction, lifting heavy objects and systems is very important. Because we need to carry objects between different stories of the big constructions. In general, scissor systems are used. 
  • Warehouses: Also the use of platform lifter applications is very common in warehouses. There are lots of big shelves where we store different materials and products. And they make it possible to store them. And we can easily lift and store at the different shelves without any problem. 
  • Automotive: As you may see that lifting the vehicles to inspect and repair them uses these lifting systems to make the repair process much easier. 
  • Shipping: In shipping, carrying large cargo pallets and crates are very common application. They are lifting and placing them on the ships. So, it is very easy to place the different applications with the platform lifter systems in shipping. 

We can easily increase the number of applications. But they are the most common application that you can use the examples of the use of lifter systems in general. 

How to Choose a Correct One? 

Scissor platform lifter
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So there are different parameters that you need to consider while you are selecting a platform lifter system. It is very important to select the correct one. 

  • Load carrying capacity: This is the most important thing that you need to consider about the platform lifter applications. You need to consider the maximum load capacity of the system that you want to buy. And this system must be able to carry the heaviest object that you are thinking to carry with it. 
  • Size: Also size is a very important consideration. You need to consider the biggest object by size. And select the platform size according to this consideration. This will make it very easy to use in different kinds of applications that you are carrying with the platform lifter system. 
  • Power source: In general, different systems are operated with hydraulic pneumatic, mechanical and electric systems. In general, hydraulic applications have the highest load-carrying capacity if we compare them with the other ones. But also the maintenance costs and the total costs are higher than the other systems. 
  • Mobility: Do you need mobility from the lifter system or do you need a static application? Make sure that what kind of system you need. There are both mobile systems and static systems to carry the loads. 
  • Safety: Always consider safety features such as holding brakes, load sensing systems, and emergency stop buttons. Because you will vary very heavy load with these systems and you need to consider the workers and operators that will use these systems. 
  • Compliance with regulations: Also be sure that the system that you buy is compliant with the regulations. 

Also, we need to state that you need to contact and take offers from the different manufacturers according to your needs. 

Important Tips About Safety 

  • First of all, you need to understand the manufacturer’s instructions if you want to use them correctly. 
  • Also, you need to use appropriate personal protective equipment such as work glasses and other kinds of equipment. 
  • Do not use an excessive amount of load while you are using these applications. 
  • Be sure that the system is standing stable on the platform. 
  • If the system is working with electricity, be sure that the electric power is grounded. 
  • While you are using the lifting system, keep the other people away from the system that you are using. 
  • Make the required inspections and other kinds of maintenance things while you are using these systems. 
  • And also, always use holding brakes for extra security. 
  • Be sure that you are applying OSHA guidelines. 

General Prices of Platform Lifter Applications

A bigger platform lifter application.

It can be very hard to give the exact process for these lifter systems. The prices can vary according to the type of system and, loading capacity these applications have. So we give general price ranges according to the types of the systems. 

According to the capacity and size, the general range of the prices is between $1500-15000 for electrical systems. 

Also for hydraulic systems, the general prices of the products change between $3000-$11000. This price range also changes according to the size and the amount of load that they can carry. 

There are also forklift systems that we use in industrial applications. The prices of the forklift systems can change between $15.000 to $50.000. So it is very important to know that these systems are the most heavy duty applications. 

We can give the same price range for the boom lift applications as the forklift systems. 

If we take a look at the scissor systems that are battery operated, they are generally used for light-duty applications which are ranging between $3000-$6000 according to the type and the application. 

But we suggest that you need to take offers from different sellers and providers. You will be able to choose the best application if you take prices from multiple sellers. 

Conclusion on Platform Lifter Systems

We tried to provide all the important details about the platform lifters that you can use for different kinds of applications. In general, you know the general types and the general uses and capabilities. You need to check the general parameters if you want to choose the best application for your system. 

Also, we gave an idea about the general price ranges of the different systems. 

If you have additional comments and questions about the platform lifter applications, please leave them below. Your precious feedbacks are very important to us. 

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